Jeremy Scott Pays Homage to Steve Jobs and Bart Simpson at MILK MADE for Fashion Week


Jeremy Scott once again has dived into your childhood closet, assembled a rag-pile of nostalgic Roy G. Biv anecdotes and turned them into an adult jungle gym of couture.

The always playful collection that can be seen on Nicki & Katy Perry and beyond took a cue from the 90’s and a turn into the modern digital era this time round. The collection kicked off with kaleidoscope palettes on shiny, cellophane textures, and quickly moved into what I can only explain as a mocking tribute to Steve Jobs (and we are not talking turtlenecks here). Apple computer keyboard prints with vibrant color blocked letter keys. Various gradients segmented the letter, number and command sections of the keyboards not unlike the one I am typing this article on as we speak. Later in the show, a heightened call back to the to the Mac generation, apple desktop screenshot collage with mock web browsers substituting the “google” logo with “jeremy” and a search bar under the labels namesake. An ichat window, an open document, truly exposing the cyber addiction demons in all of us. All the while backed by a Japanese sound track of pop-hits that included Japanese versions of Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough and Material Girl, the audience, like Jeremy, did not miss a beat.

The next surprise was The Simpsons Collaboration. Any die-hard fan would be drooling at the sight of tiled Bart Simpson tops and bottoms and the coveted “Bartman” comic book cover sweater.

Scott, a huge fan of the smiley face, accelerated this obsession with a few pieces of off-beat, MySpace themed emoticons. The pixilated larger prints were quite loud, yet, thats the point, isn’t it?

The show ended with a key reminder that winged unicorns bring smiles to all girls and boys alike. I will warn Jeremy’s fans not to get too close with this mythical animal though, it will most likely be seen in his next collection with a bullet through its serene head and the horn dripping perfectly sequined pink glitter blood. To Mr. Scott, the joke only gets funnier with every season. –Robbie Sokolowsky

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