Kanye West Goes Off on ‘Female Friend’ in New Freestyle

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Kanye never has a dull moment. In what sounded more like a comedy sketch than a freestyle, ‘Ye got creative during his lyrical impromptu over his 808s & Heartbreak’s cut, “Say You Will.” Attendee’s of his Melbourne show were in for some amusing entertainment. –Jolie Sanchez

It went a little something like this:

“It’s like, uh 2:45 and you know what type of texts n*ggas send at that time. I text her and I said, ‘Are you alive?’ That’s when you send that text and you say ‘Are you alive?’ Cause the only reason you not here b*tch you better had died. B*tch you better had died….Now it’s like 3:30 and you tell me that you’re on your way, and a n*gga so godd*mn horny you know what, I said ‘Okay.’ I just said ‘Okay.” Who you gonna listen to, your ego or your d*ck? (Croons) the d*ck wins.”