Kendrick Lamar Speaks on Alori Joy’s Death, Working With Dr. Dre and Pharrell


West coast rapper Kendrick Lamar was at Game’s “The City” video shoot recently and caught up with Karen Civil for some candid conversation. From creating music with Dr. Dre and Pharrell, to dealing with the passing of his friend Alori Joy, Kendrick let it all out.

“I actually was in the studio with Q-Tip, and it threw me all the way off because you in the vibe, you in good spirits. You making records then you hear some devastating news like that,” says Kendrick. “It sits you back for a second. What I had to do was basically gather myself and try to stay focused. Continue to move with what she was pushing, and that was being a star and an entertainer. So when I thought about that I back in that booth and I continued going.”

Watch the interview below: