Khia Wants a Spot on ‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’


Ever since VH1 announced an Atlanta spin-off of their popular Love & Hip-Hop series, everyone’s been speculating about who the cast members could be. But rather than wait around for VH1 to tap her for the show, rapper Khia decided to take measures into her own hands with a Twitter campaign to land a spot on the show.

Khia’s been asking fans to reach out to producer Mona Scott-Young to make sure her neck and back are a regular on the series. So far she hasn’t gotten a response but that might not mean anything. The ATL native already had a run on another VH1 reality show, Ego Trip’s Rap Supreme, and if she played her cards right, they might welcome her back for another series.

So far, rumors have been circulating that rappers Diamond of Crime Mob and Rasheeda might appear on the show, so Khia could fit in with that mix. We’ll have and see what VH1 comes up with.

Do you think Khia would make a good cast member for the Atlanta spinoff?