Kings of New York! 10 Pro Athletes Who Caused As Much “Linsanity” As Jeremy Lin in NYC

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New York City has never seen an athlete like Jeremy Lin before. And when we say “never,” we mean never. After coming off the bench a few weeks ago and enjoying some early success, the guy has gone 9-2 in 11 starts with the New York Knicks, captured the attention of everyone from Teterboro to Taiwan, and whipped the city of New York into a frenzy. Never, ever, ever have we seen anything like it.

And it’s funny to say that because New York City has seen its fair share of top-notch athletes. In fact, over the years NYC has become the go-to place for athletes. Because it’s one of the top media markets in the country—and, for that matter, the world—NYC routinely gets the best of the best when it comes to professional sports. And yet, it’s an undrafted NBA free agent who is outshining them all and causing more “Linsanity” than any of them ever did.

To prove it, we decided to take a look back at some of the other notable athletes who, once upon a time, had New York City going crazy over them. They didn’t all quite reach “Linsanity” levels, but for a playoff series, a season, or even the majority of their entire careers, they could have been considered the “King of New York”—and no one would’ve argued. Just like no one can say Lin doesn’t deserve to have the key to the city right now. And, if he somehow manages to lead the Knicks to a victory over LeBron James and the Miami Heat tonight? Look out. The Linsanity could get even more “linsane.”