Kobe Bryant Promises to Never Cheat Again


We figured Kobe Bryant must have either done something or said something right to get back in Vanessa’s good graces and have her seated courtside at her man’s game on Valentine’s Day, and it turns out he did both.

Despite handing over three homes and $75 million, Kobe isn’t ready to give up on his marriage just yet. He has reportedly been working overtime to earn Vanessa’s forgiveness during the past three weeks and has promised her that he will never cheat again if she takes him back. Vanessa is said to be receptive to Kobe’s advances, but we’re not sure if that has more to do with his words or the pricey reconciliation gifts he’s been giving her. There’s no word on how much he’s spent on jewelry, but he’s known to make money no issue when it comes to his wife. Remember the $4 million ring he bought her after his rape case?

Considering the Bryant’s divorce won’t be final until mid-June, there’s still plenty of time for Kobe to work his magic on Vanessa. The only question is, should you ever take back a cheater?