Kobe Promises to Never Cheat Again, Vanessa Teeters on Reconciliation


The rumor mill is moving right along when it comes to Kobe and Vanessa. Sources tell TMZ that Kobe has vowed to sleep only with his wife if she agrees to reconcile. While we already know she’s thinking about it (obviously), she isn’t sure the marriage can be salvaged. Kobe has been making a few last ditch efforts, however–gifts. Allegedly, Bryant has showered his misses in lavish jewelry. Who knows how that’s shaping up next to the $4 million-dollar rock he blinged her out with after “The Incident.”

Honestly, if Vanessa was smart, she’d walk away with the $75 million and three estates. He cheated once, and he’ll do it again. But, hey, in an age where Rihanna can forgive Chris Brown, maybe there’s hope for all twosomes.

Think Kobe will stop cheating?