Ladies, Stop Asking “What Am I Doing Wrong?”


Seeing her status and realizing she’s 18 years old feeling the same way I do snapped me back to reality. Relationship or no relationship, we as women need to stop asking ourselves what we’re doing wrong. When we do, it’s like we’re having a pity party with our brains and our hearts, instead of coming to terms with what’s in front of us. We rely on movies such as He’s Just Not That into You, self-help books and the advice of others to help define our relationships when, sometimes, shit just happens.

Now don’t get me wrong, each breakup is different, but for my single Vixens out there, asking ourselves what we’re doing wrong only hinders our growth as an individual. It allows us to continue to break down our confidence instead of building it up. The idea of being single embodies a meaning on its own, but we have the power to control the way we view our relationship status. So instead of thinking, “What am I doing wrong,” try thinking “What am I doing right.” And as tough as it may be, wait. You never know what might happen the next time a lovey-dovey couple walks past you, that special someone could be right behind them.

And while I don’t have a Valentine today, and am unsure of when I will, I know I’d rather build up confidence within myself than tear it down with self-dissatisfaction. When the time comes, these 20 years are going to be worth it. So spend Valentine’s Day with those who appreciate you. I know I am. Happy Day of Love!