Lip Service! Angela Yee and Olivia Discuss Pillow Talk, Oral, and the Best Sex!

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The full-time singer, part-time Love & Hip-Hop drama slinger whispers sex secrets over Angela Yee’s red-light playlist.


Angela Yee: Are you a good pillow talker?

Olivia: I’m a good shit talker. It turns them on more.

Give me some secrets.

You have to whisper in their ear. Call them daddy.

What about Papa?
Yeah, of course. Hello, I’m Cuban.

Is lying ever appropriate in bed?
Sometimes. You really don’t want to hurt their feelings.

What if a guy asks you if it’s big, and it’s really not?
I’m saying no, but [you can say] at least you know what to do with it.

What if he asks, “Is this the best you ever had?”

Thank God they’ve never asked me.


Percentage-wise, how important is sex in a relationship?
It’s important. Seventy percent.

What about oral sex?
Not that important.

So a guy doesn’t have to lick it before he sticks it?
Not all the time.

I definitely feel like a guy should do that.
You don’t cum during sex?

I can. I just feel they should do that. Like, “Kiss the ring.”
[Laughs] Sometimes I’d rather get to it.

Those days when you’re not so fresh…
No, they still do it, but I just want to get to it.

When you were single, was there anybody you wouldn’t mind rocking for old time’s sake?
Maybe [laughs].

What’s the best sex you’ve ever had?
It’s not really about the sex with me. I’m more of a sensual person, so I like caressing, kissing.

You seem like you like penetration.
That’s you, Angela! [Laughs]. I might have the hard exterior, but I’m a romantic.

What’s your longest session?
An hour.

That’s it?
I don’t want anything longer than that. Oh my God, you’d be worn out!