LMFAO Takes “Party Rocking” to Another Level

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After party rocking so hard, LMFAO officially upset their neighbors and are now “Sorry for Party Rocking” in their latest video.

Actually, they’re not really that sorry as the party rages on filled with wild activities, colorful outfits and oddly enough—a zebra.  In fact, Redfoo and Skyblu still party so hard that the video ends with a trip to the hospital.

In between party rocking and being sorry for it, LMFAO’s Red Foo remixed the Far East Movement and Justin Bieber track “Live My Life” while performing in Vegas.  The duo even performed the song alongside Far East Movement at a show in Sweden where they shuffled like the party never stopped. 

Sorry or not, the party rocking doesn’t appear to be coming to an end any time soon. –Jazmine Gray