Mac Miller Prepares New Records With Pharrell and Cam’ron

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Skateboard P has been working like a new artist. Lately, he’s been spotted with a myriad of artists from Kendrick Lamar to Justin Bieber, and most recently, Mac Miller.

Pharrell talked to MTV News about how the two ended up collaborating and wasn’t shy about expressing his admiration for Miller’s ambitious, modest nature.

“Mac Miller deserves it, you know he’s working hard. He’s happy, he’s very thankful, he’s a super humble kid. Another kid with one of those great work ethics and that’s what the game’s needed,” Pharrell told MTV News.

The budding artist made impressive numbers with his debut LP, Blue Slide Park, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts. The Pittsburgh rhymer hasn’t let it get to his head though and has only been working harder since the release. Earlier this month he released a song with Cam’ron, which was well received among the fans and media alike.  Miller revealed to XXL that the two have been working on a joint project.

“Me and Cam are actually talking about doing a project together. We don’t know when we’re gonna do it. We have three or four songs recorded already. We’re working on more at this point.” He adds, “I’m still planning on doing this mixtape with Jazzy Jeff probably around the summer time.”

The Rostrum Records MC went on to speak enthusiastically about the details for his Spring tour.  “…The Macadelic Tour starts in March. It’s a whole ’nother level of show than any who has been to my show has seen before. It’s a lot more performance-based and very visual.”

The tour will kick off March 27th, featuring performances by The Cool Kids and The Come Up. –Jolie Sanchez