A Man’s Point of View: The Perfect Valentine’s Day… According to Verse Simmonds

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Award-winning producer, singer and songwriter Verse Simmonds has made a pit stop here on VIBE Vixen. All month, the BuVision/Def Jam signee will touch on love, sex and relationships from a man’s point of view, of course! He’ll be dishing on what the ladies want to know, need to know and just desire a man’s insight about. Get into it…

Ladies, how many times will you get your man a different version of the same thing on Valentines Day topped off by the same sex he has been getting all year? And that’s if he’s lucky enough to receive anything at all.

Many of my boys have complained that the day for lovers is one-sided. This V-Day, let’s switch it up a bit and step outside the box for that special person, especially if you know he deserves it. Here are a few ideas for gifts, activities and places that may help show your man how much u really care…

1. Do It Like A Dancer: Ever wonder why most men love to go to the strip club? Well here is your chance to find out! Set up a pole dance/strip tease for your man and make it a V-Day that he wont forget. Poles are inexpensive, mobile and easy to set up. From my research, they start at about $79

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