Maybach Music’s Rick Ross and Freeway Ricky Ross Meet Face to Face

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The ongoing legal battle of copyright infringement between Maybach Music founder Rick Ross and former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross has reached a new height.

Back in 2010, Freeway Ricky filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Rick Ross, whose real name is William Roberts, because he was making a profit off of his name illegally. SOHH reports that the two met face to face in Miami last week and it wasn’t too friendly. 

Freeway Ricky stated, “[He] treated me as if I had done something to him,” Ross said. “When he first came to me, he didn’t know what position I was going to take, if I was going to send a word out to those young cats out in L.A. or not. That put a little fear in his heart. But now that he knows I’m not carrying it like that, he’s a little more courageous right now.”

At least it was only dirty looks that were exchanged rather than fists.