Men’s Streetwear Brand Rocksmith Talk Wu-Tang Clan, Upcoming Projects & More


Does the current position of Rocawear and Sean John affect you at all?
Completely different lane. They are more main stream urban, we are more streetwear urban.

Do you see Rocksmith delivering more contemporary pieces?
We are doing a little bit of both, fashion changes so rapidly that you kind of have to see what trends are going on and try to keep up. You might want to do something contemporary but depending on how your brand is and your fan base you have to know who you’re catering to. You may want to do contemporary but it may not work for you.  You have to find a balance between the kids that are still very young and the adults that are growing older. We have the ninjas which is the younger crowd and cleaner places for the older fans.

Do you intend on staying in more boutiques or do you plan on branching out to bigger department stores?
We definitely plan on staying in boutique places for a while. It’s a lot different working with boutiques. We are able to partner with boutique owners for events where as with a department stores it may not be as flexible.

Will Rocksmith be doing another capsule collection with other artists?
We will probably not have another collection like the Wu collection. We had collaboration with Wale last summer, so smaller capsule collections in the future that will be a part of the ongoing brand.

Will Rocksmith be venturing into womenswear for 2012?
That is something that has been in the works now, we plan on introducing them very soon. 2012 is the first time we’ve used the color pink. We will start introducing some women’s fits beginning with tee shirts and if it goes into anything else we’ll see.

How would you compare Rocksmith from when it first started to present day?
It has definitely been a work in progress and I am a bit amazed even throughout the last year and a half our transformation has been tremendous, I think the company itself has had tremendous growth as far as business in general. From working with underground rappers to now collabing with Wutang and Wale, The sky is really the limit.

Take a look at Rocksmith’s Spring 2012 Lookbook video below.

Rocksmith: Spring 2012 Lookbook (NOLA) from Rocksmith on Vimeo.