Is a ‘Mistresses of Atlanta’ Reality Show on the Way?


By now you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about reality TV franchises, but this one must be discussed.

Allegedly, there are some exotic dancers shooting a pilot for what might be called Mistresses of Atlanta. It has been rumored that the cast will have some ladies and one gent, including the infamous Maliah Michele [Drake & Sean Kingston’s ex-lover], a girl named Rosée, model Sarah Oliver, rapper M’Jae and a woman who calls herself “Strings.”

Maliah recently tweeted a few things in regards to the taping of the show, which confirmed that they have shot three days so far.

She tweeted, “Just finished shooting first scene 😮 ) it’s a wrap…Shooting scene 2 now…Damn they fighting already… Not me I’m a lover…Waiting to do my interview about my life and how I like the other cast members…”

Rosée also tweeted, “Shooting Day 2, it’s a wrap! I’m having soo much fun shooting this whole thing! Cast and crew are on point, especially @HenryRogerss who always ready to give me McDo lol.”

Great, another guilty pleasure for everyone to talk about looks like it’s on the way. –Krystal Holmes

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