Mums the Word – Brandy Won’t Reveal Contents of the Note Whitney Houston Gave Her

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Whitney Houston stopped by an E! Hollywood set where Brandy, Monica and Clive Davis were being interviewed a few days before she died. The late singer gave her friends a warm greeting and even slipped Brandy a note. 

Shortly after that visit–on Brandy’s birthday (Feb 11)–Whitney died, and the media firestorm began. Paparazzi questioned anyone who knew Whitney about what the singer’s last words were and Brandy has been one of those people due to the now infamous note, but she is keeping mum on the letter’s contents.

During another E! interview when asked about what the note said Brandy made it clear that she’s not talking, “I’m gonna just not say what it was and keep it to myself for my own personal reasons.”

Peep the videos of Whitney slipping Brandy the note and the interview on E!