MVP: Evelyn Lozada Talks ‘Inner Circle,’ Defends Love Life and Ex-BFF Beef


is exactly the bitch you think she is. And that’s a good thing. Since season one of Vh1’s Basketball Wives, the curvy and candid ex-girlfriend of Antoine Walker has been depicted as a money-grubbing mean girl. But while the Bronx bombshell may come across brash, beneath the reality-show veneer is, dare we say, a sweet and forthcoming woman.

While there’s usually more brawlin’ than ballin’ on the show, we’ve all become engrossed in the tangled webs these women weave. The drama unfolding in Season 4—which premieres on February 20—involves a hostile and seemingly physical feud between Evelyn and former BFF Jennifer Williams, a friendship that seemed rock solid. But judging from leaked stories and bitter back and forth on Twitter, the pair’s bond has gone through a Titanic-esque collapse. A small tiff last season—stemming from an interview where Jennifer called Evelyn’s fiancé Chad Ochocinco a fame whore—has only grown bigger. Most recently, in a Sister 2 Sister interview, Jen accused Evelyn of being jealous of her friendships with fellow reality vixens Mashonda and Nene Leakes, a statement that had Evelyn fuming.

Theatrics and ’bow-throwing aside, Basketball Wives has yielded plenty of moneymaking ventures for Evelyn, including a customized t-shirt line (most of them bearing her signature phrase: “You’re a Non-Muthaf***kin’ Factor, Bitch”), a makeup line aptly named “E” by Evelyn Lozada and her first novel, Inner Circle, hitting shelves June 5 via Cash Money Content. VIXEN chats with the HBIC on those ventures, Rihanna, her epic breakup and what Ochocinco thinks of all this. —Clover Hope