MVP: Evelyn Lozada Talks ‘Inner Circle,’ Defends Love Life and Ex-BFF Beef


There were some recent tweets that people assumed were you talking about Chad. One was “Sick and tired.” Another one was something about instincts telling you before your head figures it out. What was that about?
That’s the thing about Twitter. That actually wasn’t even towards him. But anything I say, especially if I don’t “@” no one, it’s like, “Oh, who’s she talkin’ about?” That’s why I have to be careful with…  Sometimes I read relationship tweets that I want to retweet because I think it’s a great quote. I have to really say to myself, “Let me not tweet that, because they’re gonna think I’m talking about him.” So those comments weren’t even towards him. That was just something they ran with it.

Is trust the biggest issue in your relationship?
I don’t trust a lot of people. I don’t trust anyone. Whether it’s a man, whether it’s Chad, or if I was dating someone else, just human beings—it’s hard for me to trust people. I’ve been stabbed in the back and I’m very leery about anyone that’s around me. I trust my family, my closest friends. And that’s why my core girlfriends, I’ve been friends with them, six, 10, 15 years. I’m leery about letting new people into my life and that has nothing to do with the show. I think that just magnifies it.

Last season, you had a talk with your dad about him not being around. How is your relationship now?
It’s good. It’s better. We don’t speak every day. It’s one of those things that I don’t think is just gonna change overnight, I do feel awkward at times. But I’m working on it. I’m looking to fly him here to Florida to hang out with us. He calls me every week. He kept his promise, I’ll tell you that.

In your book, Inner Circle, do you get into your background? I know some of it is based on journals you wrote.
A lot of these novels are based on these journals I found. I was moving and I bumped into them and I was sitting there reading. There are good and bad stories in there, things I was dealing with at the time and I was like, “How awesome would it be to put them in these books?” That’s when I ended up meeting Courtney Parker, who helped me write the book. So it was pretty cool being able to put those stories in these books and change names and make interesting novels out of them. I always say I would never do a tell-all, because I would never put anyone on blast. But for me to be able to handle all that information and put that into these books is pretty cool.

Oh, so it’s fiction.
Yeah. It’s a series of three books.

How did the Cash Money signing come about? And have you met anybody in the crew?
With the Cash Money contract, I’m really good friends with Teresa Caldwell, who’s Bow Wow’s mom. She had a conversation with Baby and his book agent called mine. And everybody had a million and one conversations about it. I had other offers on the table, but this one felt good. I think that anything that Baby and Cash Money put their name on, it works. I haven’t met Drake and I haven’t met Nicki Minaj. Baby invited me to the Grammy’s, but I’m actually going to be out of town.

What’s your favorite song right now?
Anything Rihanna is my favorite song. I play her album when I’m at photo shoots. I’m like addicted [laughs].

You guys have tweeted back and forth. Have you met yet?
No, I haven’t met her. And I was so bummed ’cause on New Years, we were at Puffy’s house. She was there and I ended up going to Boston. She ended up seeing my daughter there with some of my friends and she tweeted something like, “Where are you bitch?” and I was like “Ughhhhh! I hate myself!” [Laughs] ‘Cause I was in Boston by myself, [Chad] had curfew ’cause he had a game on Sunday, so I was literally in Boston, by myself, at the house. And then she tweeted me the other day, ’cause I watching The First 48 and I guess that’s her favorite show, too. She’s cool. I like her ’cause she doesn’t care. She’s like this fire. She says what she wants to, she tweets what she wants to. She doesn’t change, and that’s what I really, really love about her and respect about her. You never know what’s gonna come out her mouth.