National Enquirer Publisher Calls Whitney Houston’s Casket Photo ‘Beautiful’


People are rightfully detesting the National Enquirer’s decision to run Whitney Houston’s lifeless body from her casket as their front page photo. As several outlets are boldly expressing their disgust, the publisher of the tabloid rag defends it by saying, “I thought it was beautiful.”

Having such a radical reaction to the legend’s sad and untimely death is shocking, even for a publication who thrives on over-the-top stunts and false news. No word on the photographer is or how the picture was obtained, but it’s beyond tasteless.

The owner of the funeral home maintains her innocence: “I’m going to answer you as the publicist told me to answer you: We have no comment. But it was not the funeral home.”

Whitney Houston, 48, was recently laid to rest in her home state of New Jersey under the watchful eye of around 2 million viewers worldwide.