Pharrell on Producing Jay-Z’s “Glory”: “We Wanted to Capture a Moment in Time”


“Glory,” Jay-Z’s dedication to his daughter had folks talking since the sounds of Blue Ivy were heard on the track.

The producer of Hov’s ode to his daughter, Pharrell, spoke with MTV at the Academy Awards about being involved with the planned personal music moment.

“It was something we had planned before it happened, so we were basically waiting,” he said. “That was like our nod and homage to when Stevie [Wonder] did it for his baby, Asia on ‘Isn’t She Lovely’. And we weren’t trying to make the same song at all, it was like we wanted to capture a moment in time to commemorate the birth of his baby.”

He continued: I did the same thing with Rocket, I’m just more quiet and private about my life. He and his beautiful wife, they live a different lifestyle and for him it was important for him to stop everything that he had going on and just sort of make statement to his baby and his wife. And I thought that was amazing and I was honored to be a filmmaker for that beat.