Pharrell Talks About Working on the 2012 Oscars and More

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Qream Liqueor’s Oscars interview with Pharrell and brand ambassador Miss Info shed light on the producer’s role as music consultant with Hans Zimmer. But in the final installment, the conversation turned to those that were overlooked.

There were contenders who should have been nominated but didn’t make the ballot, like Mary J. Blige’s “The Living Proof“ from the film The Help. which Pharrell and Info could agree was an outrage among fans. Skateboard P’s solution? Voting. “You gotta get involved,” he said. “That’s why I love politics right now because you cannot complain. You have to vote.”

Miss Info also points out how the Internet is an immediate source of feedback and how many use social media as a tool to express their discontent with the higher-ups in Hollywood. “Well, the Internet is the tower of babble,” the N.E.R.D. frontman said. “It is the collective conscience just ungoverned. Wild cowboy that just says anything.”

Although his righthand man Hans Zimmer (composer of Inception and Sherlock Holmes) wasn’t nominated, he pats his partner on the back.  “He took the high road and still accepted the job.”

As for this Sunday night, Pharrell is excited to be a part of a unique opportunity. “I am very excited, very happy, and more than anything, I know how blessed I am,” he says. “This is not an opportunity that falls off trees every day.” –Adelle Platon

Watch the rest of the interview here