Pretty Girl Rock Playlist!


2006-“Show Stopper” x Danity Kane
To this day, if I wanna get all the way turned up in the car with my friends, I will not hesitate to press play on that Danity Kane album. “Show Stopper” was a certified Vixen track from the bass to Dawn Richards’ beautiful voice just melting over the beat. Just thinking about it makes me wanna get cute and step out somewhere with my girls!

2006-“Get Me Bodied” x Beyoncé
There were a lot of pretty, bouncy, cutesy songs to choose from on Beyoncé’s B’Day album, but the video for “Get Me Bodied” took the cake. Those sequined dresses, that breakdown, and Kelly, Michelle and Solange doing the scissor-leg brought it to another level for me. Walk across the room like Naomi Campbell. *Snaps*

2007-“Promise Ring” x Tiffany Evans feat. Ciara
I’m not gonna lie; this was my ringtone back in ’07. It had the three C’s: cute, catchy and Ciara. What more could you ask for in a girly springtime anthem?

2008-“Sandcastle Disco” x Solange
Can somebody tell Solange we need another album? I played this song all the way out when Sol-Angel & The Hadley St Dreams dropped. And who can forget her in that fur get-up in the vid? Ugh, it was all so cute, I can’t even stand to think about it!