Pretty Girl Rock Playlist!


2009-“Itty Bitty Piggy” x Nicki Minaj
I don’t care that this wasn’t mainstream. “Itty Bitty Piggy” is still one of Nicki’s best songs ever. Yea, I said it! This was before the ice-cream pink wigs and blue contacts. *Crosses fingers and prays for Old Nicki to come back*

2010-“Rude Boy” x Rihanna
The beat, the video and the fact that almost no Vixen can hear it without busting out in a slow wine solidifies “Rude Boy” as one of the best girly tracks of 2010! If you say you never had “Rude Boy” as your ringtone, you’re probably lying.

2010-“Pretty Girl Rock” x Keri Hilson
With that title, how could this song NOT make the list? Keri showed off a lil’ bit on this track. I’m not ashamed to say I still bump this from time to time.