Promoters Still Being Held Hostage in Africa Over Nas Concert


We’ve heard the stories of celebrity no-shows, but this one has turned into a true horror story.

In an attempt to bring Nas and female rapper Jemiah Jai to the African country of Angola, promoters based out of New Jersey Patrick Allocco and his son (also named Patrick) were kidnapped at gunpoint after the performers failed to show up for their New Year’s day set. Pocketing $315,000 in advances, Nas and Jemiah put the father and son in a scary predicament. The two continue to be held captive in a hotel by Angolan music promoter Henrique Miguel. At $500 a night, the entire fiasco has racked up a costly bill for the father and son, who have still yet to be set free. In addition to the fees, $40,000 have been spent on phone calls alone, and ludicrous spending on basic needs such as food. A hamburger alone costs them $45.

Though Nas has finally returned his $300k,  the Allocco’s have been warned by hotel empoyee’s not to leave the hotel, stating they are targets for danger. The two have faced harassment by locals, who have tried relentlessly to badger them for money.

The Allocco’s were denied refuge by the American Embassy, who said the pair was not at risk for serious harm.

Both Nas and Jemiah Jai refuse to comment. –Jolie Sanchez