Ray J’s Publicist Confesses, Says He Was Working On Reality Show With Whitney Houston

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The relationship between Ray J and Whitney Houston has always been one of question.  After Whitney and Bobby Brown divorced in 2007, she and Ray J have been linked together romantically.

The Daily Beast interviewed several people close to the two from Karrine Steffans to  Stacy Francis, the woman Whitney had her last altercation with over Ray J. Her sudden death is taking a huge toll on the “One Wish” singer and although many believed in their love and care for one another others believed he was using her. 

To add fuel to that fire of being used, sources say that Ray was trying to pitch a reality TV series to networks with him and Houston. His publicist Courtney Barnes confessed “It was his show, and they shot footage of the two of them together that appeared in the sizzle reel, which was being used to pitch the show.”

Looks like that show won’t be happening now. Whether he was using her or not, friends could definitely tell the love was real and that Ray J will be deeply scarred forever.

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