Self Improvement: 10 Hobbies/Classes Every Vixen Should Try


One of the keys to being healthy is staying active. Sure, we move around a lot, but we tend to compensate being busy for really getting out there and practicing healthy habits. Luckily for us, some of our favorite things to do, but just don’t seem to have time for, are actually beneficial to our well-being.

Our solution? Make time! Don’t let life pass you by. There are ways to incorporate active learning experiences into your hectic schedules. Here’s a list of 10 hobbies/classes that’ll keep you lively throughout your journey.

1. Creative writing

For things you can’t say or have a hard time expressing, write them! Creative writing will keep you from saying something crazy aloud and could also be fun/funny (NOTE: The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl). Writing is a great way to control your anger and remain calm. It not only helps manage stress, but improves cognitive functioning as well.