Self Improvement: 10 Hobbies/Classes Every Vixen Should Try


 2. Wine Tasting
Ever wonder where or how that wine you like so much is made?  Well, why not go to a vineyard and see how it’s all done? Keep an eye open for your local wineries. Small tasting sessions allow for a more intimate setting and a greater learning experience.

3. Weekend Getaways
Whether it’s downtown or five states away, getaways are necessary. After a long week of work and homely duties, it’d be nice to go kick it with your girls or your spouse. Don’t you agree? Living Social has affordable deals on mini vacations throughout the nation and the Caribbean islands that we highly recommend you look into. You deserve it!

4. Pole Dance Classes
Learn how to wow your audience, Vixens. Pole dancing is a perfect way to spice things up at home. Once you learn how to work the pole, your man won’t need to hit the strip club. Those ones could go towards a gift for you! Aside from that, it’s just another form of dancing and exercise that can be really fun.