Self Improvement: 10 Hobbies/Classes Every Vixen Should Try


 5. Spoil yourself
Read a book, take a long nap, get a message, clear your mind, RELAX and REFRESH! Every Vixen needs to shut out the world occasionally. Once a month is ideal for a little bit of me-time.  Monica said it best: “It’s just one of those days that a girl goes through, when I’m angry inside, don’t want to take it out on you…don’t take it personal. I just want to be all alone…”

6. Singing Lessons
We ALL sound good—along with music and in the shower, that is. But what happens when your home-girl switches the radio dial unexpectedly? Can we say, embarrassing? No worries! There is a way for non-singing Vixens to learn how to hold a tune. If you’re interested in the technique of singing or serenading a special someone, try voice lessons. They really work! Private lessons usually range from $25 – $75 per hour session and include breathing, posture and voice exercises.

7. Recreational Cooking Classes
We can’t stress it enough: Every Vixen should know how to cook! Just a little something, at least. You don’t always have to be the person who brings store-bought food to potlucks. We all need that one bangin’ dish under our belt. If you aren’t into it or want to improve, look up your local culinary school and see what types of cooking classes they offer.