Self Improvement: 10 Hobbies/Classes Every Vixen Should Try


8. Yoga Classes
Besides obvious reasons for wanting to become more flexible, which isn’t a bad thing, yoga is a nice hobby to pick up.  It lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and improves attention and focus. Huffington Post fitness and triathlon expert, Ben Greenfield, reported last month that yoga even assists people in their weight loss goals, for a less tense body and mind motivates the process.

9. Boxing
Learning how to defend yourself is a must. We suggest taking boxing classes. It’s good exercise and very useful. If you can’t pull out your mace fast enough, at least you’ll know how to distract and block your attacker.  Bet they won’t be expecting a left hook!

10. Decorating

Whether it is on your favorite dessert, in a room or in a car, decorating serves as a good outlet to show off your personality.  It passes time, it can be fun and it’s kind of cool to look back at. It’s always good to have a little something on the side to focus on. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:

IF YOU DRAW… Create an art space in your house. Make a collage of your drawings on a wall near your art space so your former work inspires your new work.

IF YOU DRIVE… Spice up your car! Think about your favorite color and/or animal print and make it your interior theme. Stay clear of the traditional black. Try a tan/brown steering wheel cover, matching floor mats and a dream catcher to hang from the rearview mirror. If you want to be bold, try a zebra steering wheel cover with red floor mats and other red accessories.

IF YOU LIKE TO COOK… Customize your desserts. Betty Crocker sells icing tubes with designed nozzles to help you do this. Try baking brownies or cookies, spread them with icing and top it off with your favorite candy. Be creative in your designs. (NOTE: Great for the holidays)

IF YOU LOVE TO SHOP… Make a fashion bulletin. Cut out trends or looks you’re feeling and post them on the board for styling ideas.