Should Sex Education Classes Include Self Pleasuring?


Do you remember being in grade school and your parent or guardian having to sign a permission slip for you to participate in that ‘sex talk’ which really turned out to not be a ‘sex talk’ at all? The teacher, instead, popped in a video that talked about how babies were made, how to handle getting your menstruation cycle, adjusting to your new raging hormones and yadda yadda yadda. With the high number of teenagers having sex (a lot of times unprotected sex) and becoming pregnant, is it time to expand the sexual education discourse beyond abstinence and safe sex?

Follow me, because what I am about to propose may seem a bit outlandish! What if we taught teenage girls how to masturbate? It’s safe sex. In fact, the safest there is that doesn’t yield any sort of result. And if they are taught to do it right, what use is a little boy? I mean, really? No 15-year-old girl is having sex that produces an orgasm, which is the whole point of having sex in the first place. My line of thinking is that if girls are taught that there is nothing dirty about pleasuring themselves when their hormones begin to rage, which they undoubtedly will, they can take power into their own hands, literally. Masturbation does not get you pregnant, does not transmit STD’s and does not involve anyone but yourself.

In my former days as an educator, I actually had this discussion with a middle school principal who was all for the idea, but thought parents would be aghast. How about you? Do you think the sexual education dialogue should be expanded to include more practical ways of dealing with sexual desires for teenage girls? Or is my idea of teaching them how to masturbate too much?–Phelena Jean