Singers Who Keep Us Sane


Keyshia ColeKeyshia Cole
When Keyshia told us “The Way it Is” in 2005, she was for Generation Y what Mary J. Blige was to the 90s. She may not have had the same level of success, but she brought along just as much pain and emotion. You could tell Keyshia meant it when she said she just wanted it to be over and I don’t know a single girl who hasn’t nearly gone hoarse singing every single word to “Love.” When “Let it Go” came on women would go crazy singing as if they were telling the next chic to recognize where her man really wanted to be, but deep down most knew they were singing to themselves. And everyone could identify with wanting to be the one who a man believed was “Heaven Sent.”

Keyshia’s gone through a similar transition as Mary, getting married to pro athlete Daniel Gibson and even becoming a mommy within the past two years, so we can expect that same joy to come across in her new album “Woman to Woman.” Like Mary, she’ll be able to let go of the angst that once fueled her music and celebrate a new chapter in her life that her fans have hopefully experienced also.