Singers Who Keep Us Sane


Jazmine SullivanJazmine Sullivan
We felt the emotion on Jazmine Sullivan’s first single “Need U Bad” but when she dropped her second song “Bust Your Windows” we knew she was our type of girl. Her soulful, deep voice resonated with us on “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” as she described the hesitation every woman feels about falling in love again and “In Love with Another Man” is self-explanatory. Jazmine is the type of artist you want to blow up because she’s just that great, but you also want to keep her to yourself because she’s telling your life story every time she steps on stage. She gave us a scare last year when she said she was quitting music indefinitely to figure out who she is, but at the end of last year she began working on her third studio album. Knowing that the young star has been going through a transition personally and musically tells us that the music she produces will be that much sweeter when she puts it out for us to connect to.

What singers do you always turn to when you need a release?