Street King! 50 Cent Gives Back to Africa


50 Cent is really giving back to those in need every chance he gets. The mogul recently took a trip to Somalia and Kenya and was exposed to the struggle and hardships the country’s residents face daily.

“What I am seeing is devastating — these women and children have risked everything to come to this Somalia camp, just to get food,” he said. “They need our help.”

50 visited Dolow in southern Somalia, where he saw women and children screened for malnutrition and have taken refuge at Kabasa to help deal with conflict and drought.

Curtis also visited a school in Nairobi where he met some of Africa’s youth.

“To meet those kids was so inspiring, they have nothing, yet they are so positive and optimistic. I want to do my part so they get food and an education. I hope more people will join me to help end this devastating situation,” he said.

50 Cent is continuing his mission to feed one billion meals for the hungry with his Street King energy shot.

It is really good to see Curtis helping others. Rappers take note!

[Props: WFP]