Sweet Tooth! Trey Songz Gets Skittles Pinball Machine

A Trey Songz and Skittles collaboration may be extremely appropriate, and the thought of it could be dangerously naughty. Either way, the R&B singer has made a delightful impression on his favorite candy makers. The brand showed appreciation by gifting the Skittles-loving crooner with a customized pinball machine filled with a lifetime supply of his favorite confection.

Songz was surprised with the “super dope” gift during his Anticipation tour, but the candy-dispensing game quickly found a spot in his Virginia home’s game room.

Owning one of only two in the world (Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard owns the second), the man candy can now lure the ladies with a bit of throwback amusement and tasty treats… Free of charge.

Now… Which of you Vixens want to play?

Check out video below: