Tamar Braxton Shuts Down Twitter Follower When Asked About Plastic Surgery


Tamar’s followers must have forgotten how she responded when people questioned her about being a gold digger because she just had to hand down another Twitter lashing to an unsuspecting tweeter today. This time it was a so-called fan who questioned her about having plastic surgery.

@G_Gottiii sent a tweet saying:

@TamarBraxtonHer Why did you get plastic surgery? :((((((“

Tamar’s response:

“why won’t YOU get it??? _/!”

Unfortunately the fan didn’t have the seat that Tamar suggested and the two went back and forth for several tweets. In the end, Tamar apologized for her words and told the girl she should try walking a mile in her shoes, but I don’t know what type of response @G_Gottiii thought she was going to get anyway. There are three things you never ask women about: their age, their weave and the work they’ve had done.