Tami Roman Talks Jennifer, Evelyn And New Season Of Basketball Wives


Your perspective is interesting because Evelyn has been getting a bad rap in this situation with some Basketball Wives fans calling her a bully and having the opinion that she’s being mean to Jennifer.
TR: I think it’s because she’s more vocal. My grandmother used to say, “Sneaky is as sneaky does.” You know, just ’cause you’re quiet and demure doesn’t mean you don’t have your stuff with you too. I think Evelyn and I are similar in the sense that we’re really outspoken about how we feel, and sometimes people can take that and sometimes people can’t, so we actually get a bad rap for being outspoken and saying what we feel. People consider us mean, and people have said I’m a bully. There have been many words thrown out of context to who we really are. So just because Jennifer is quiet doesn’t mean that she’s not doing things behind the scene. I think as people watch the show, they will see certain things unfold that they might not have been aware of, and it may change people’s perspective of how their relationship really was.

With regard to the 2 new cast members, Kenya Bell and Kesha Nichols, how have they blended with the rest of the cast? What roles will we see them taking on this season?
TR: I can’t give you too much on it, but I’ll say this. Kesha Nichols is very meek and has no opinion on anything. And Kenya idolizes Jennifer, so there you go. That’s it in a nutshell. (Laughs) I don’t think Kenya really knows who she is and who she wants to be or what she really stand for just yet, so she kind of becomes whomever she is with. But she absolutely idolizes Jennifer.

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