The New ‘Wives’ Club


Shedding a bit of their old lives to start a new whirlwind of a chapter may puzzle few viewers, but it makes all the sense in the world for these two. Each are on the brink of beginning new projects. Kenya is finishing up a R&B and pop-inspired album, leading with a record titled “Fly” that is set to release on April 2. “It’s a huge, huge moment for me. I’m pushing [it] to radio stations, and I’m just trying to get it out to let people listen to it. That’s where I am right now.”

On the other side of entertainment, Kesha is building Sugar and Spice, an entertainment company that incorporates dance and female empowerment.

“It’s a dance entertainment company so what we do is perform choreographed routines and live shows for private parties and corporate events. I started Sugar and Spice as a fun side thing when I was dancing with the Nets. My main goal was to be able to perform with my girlfriends and make more money then we would dancing at an NBA game in less time.”

With goals and projects in tow, it seems like maybe a new light will cast upon the show. However, we’re sure to see some shit-starters and fights, indeed. With so much still up in the air until the show premieres this month, one thing is for sure: Bell will combat any flack the ladies catch for not officially being married to the players.

“To me, if a women has been with a guy for years, you know, 10 years or so, just because you didn’t get married but you’ve been together for that long, I think You’ve earned the respect that a wife should get. A lot of these girls met these guys when they were young,” she explains. “A lot of times you meet these guys and they’re younger and the girls are younger and you fall in love and you’re in this situation and you find yourself in it for years. Then, when it’s over, it’s like, ‘Geez, I wasn’t even married.’ To me, that doesn’t speak to who these women are. Just because they aren’t wives doesn’t mean they’re not significant. I think a lot of these women are very significant and were very significant in these players’ lives.”