Three Reasons Why Emily B Will Never Leave Fabolous


star Emily Bustamante is a sucker for love, let’s face it. After last night’s Reality Check reunion, Em took to Twitter and posted a photo of her and rapper boyfriend/baby-daddy Fabolous. In the caption she exclaimed “Don’t sleep on us…,” validating to the world that the two are together and stronger than ever.

In seasons 1 and 2 of the VH1 hit show, she dealt with his infidelities and struggled with becoming emotionally independent of him. She seemed to be on the right track, until she revealed that she was still involved with him. After all of these years, she still isn’t letting him go. Take a look at three reasons why she’ll never leave him.

1. He’s the father of her only son.
Fab is the father of her only son Johan Jackson. Of course she loves her son, but there is a special type of love that a woman will always have for the father of her child whether they are together or not. This is a big reason why he’ll always be a part of her life and why she won’t ever leave his side.