Three Reasons Why You Need to Own a Passport


Americans get a bad rap (perhaps rightfully so) for not traveling, but even more for being geographically challenged. According to statistics from the United States Department of State just a little over 30% of Americans own a passport which means only 2/3 of Americans can fly to our neighboring countries like Canada or Mexico, let alone any other country in the world.

While everyone does not have the means to incorporate frequent international travel into their lives, owning a passport is an essential piece of documentation that every person needs to possess, particularly with all that is going on in the perilous times of the United States political climate. Not owning one is like living in a building and not having a fire escape. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need a passport.

  1. If you plan on traveling anywhere outside of the 50 states and Puerto Rico, for school, work or pleasure you cannot do so without owning a passport.
  2. It is an alternate form of identification. If you lose or misplace your driver’s license your passport will undoubtedly come in handy.
  3. In an ever expanding global economy, with the United States stature as a world leader dwindling everyday, you need an exit strategy just in case.

If you do not own a passport the process is quite easy and seamless. For the price of an impromptu shoe splurge, you can go to your local post office and spend $110 plus an extra $12 for a 2X2 passport photo.