Tiny Pressures T.I. into Making More Babies on ‘Family Hustle’

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With so much drama under one household, what better way to spice things up than adding more babies to the mix?

In episode 9 of ‘The Family Hustle,’ Tiny sits down with her hubby Tip for “that” conversation and expresses her desire to get pregnant again. The family doesn’t welcome the thought, and neither does T.I., at least not yet. Tiny trip to the doctor and decides she needs to get her health right before any baby-making goes down. She doesn’t want to shed too many pounds though.

“I don’t want to get too skinny,” Tiny says, “I like being voluptuous. I’ve got to keep what he likes to look at, and that’s all of this.”

Watch the full episode below for more family family love and drama. –Jolie Sanchez