Today in SMH News – One Dead, 4 Wounded in Ohio School Shooting

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A gunman opened fire inside a high school cafeteria Monday morning, wounding five students, one of whom later died, reports CBS. A suspect, who is believed to be a student, was arrested a short distance away.

The trouble began when students screamed and ran in panic through Chardon High School halls when gunfire broke out around 7:30 a.m. Freshman Danny Komertz, 15, said it appeared the gunman was targeting a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table. The shooter was known as an outcast who had apparently been bullied, Komertz said.

At least 100 children out of the 1,100-student body were in the cafeteria at the time.

The suspect was taken into custody near his car about half a mile from the suburban Cleveland school, said FBI agent Vicki Anderson. Read more at CBS.