Tragic: Woman Dies from Allergic Reaction to Hair Glue


Hair loss is typically the most dangerous thing you think about when gluing hair extensions onto your head, but that’s not the worst thing that could happen. A 34-year-old London woman recently died after collapsing at a club, and doctors believe the cause of death was an allergic reaction to the latex hair glue she used to add tracks to her hair.

The coroner said he can’t be 100 percent sure that the reaction is what took the life of Atasha Graham, 34, put its pretty likely. After ruling out alcohol, drugs, and food allergies, and examining the woman’s organs, Home Office pathologist Dr. Michael Heath examined the latex glue used to attach her extensions. Although a reaction would typically happen within 30 minutes of application, if Atasha was sweating from dancing in the club, the perspiration could have allowed the latex to enter her bloodstream, causing the strong reaction, he said.

Still, Atasha has been wearing extensions since the age of 20 so the doctor’s can’t be sure what triggered the reaction now, but they are sure anaphylactic shock is what caused her death. If Atasha had survived the event, Dr. Heath said they would have been able to carry out further tests, but unfortunately they can’t go any further with their investigation under the circumstances. He also cautioned that while there are about 10 to 20 deaths per year in the UK involving women who’ve gone into anaphylactic shock after using particular solvents to apply hair extensions, cases are more common in the US.

This story definitely gives us one more thing to think about in terms of our hair health.

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