Trey Songz Gets Dapper For GQ

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With all these scoops of Trey Songz going around, and we might be gorging on the beautiful man candy all week! Yesterday, Trey Songz shared his new confection-loving pastime with us, and now he graces the pages of GQ’s March 2012 issue.

Trey spills to the glossy about pulling the reigns on his social media while rocking Ralph Lauren, Gucci, J. Crew and other labels we love to see on men.

“What made Prince Prince is, you didn’t know sh*t about him. As an artist, you [need] a persona, a mystique. When you step into Twitter, Facebook, alla that…you’re giving a piece of it away.”

Once upon a time, he was the Twitter King, but can we now expect less of him?  Not at all. His music will speak volumes.

“I could make a hundred ‘Bottoms Up’s, but they won’t change nobody’s life. Marvin Gaye sang love songs to a certain point, and then it was like, ‘F*ck this, I’m not clean-cut no more. I’m putting this skully on, letting this beard grow out, and I’m doing whatever the fuck I wanna do.”

Trey, whatever you’re doing, it’s just right for us Vixens!

Peep the photos of Trey Songz here at VIBE Vixen.