UNBELIEVABLE: The Women Who Called Biggie, “Big Poppa”

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As VIBE continues to celebrate the life of The Notorious B.I.G., we take a look back at some of the women that played huge parts in his life. Read this article from our July 2008 issue below.

The NOTORIOUS B.I.G. loved it when they called him Big Poppa. All three of them!

Faith Evans

Faith Evans met Christopher Wallace at a Bad Boy photo Session in August 1994 and married the Notorious One just nine days later. It didn’t take long, though, for things to fall apart as Smalls’ big love for other women (as well as rumors suggesting that Faith spent quality time with her husband’s rival Tupac Shakur) became tabloid fodder. On October 29, 1996, the platinum R&B singer gave birth to Biggie’s son Christopher Wallace Jr. Kimberly

“LIL’ KIM” Jones

The 4-foot-11-inch mistress of Biggie rose up beside him on the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y. “I loved him with all my heart,” Kim said in an October ’99 VIBE interview. But that sentiment didn’t save her from getting jumped by a pregnant Faith at Sean Combs’ New York City studio, Daddy’s House, in 1996. On a February 2003 episode of VH1’s Driven, Lil’ Kim said she had been pregnant with Biggie’s child before suffering a miscarriage.

Tiffany “Charli Baltimore” Lane

This Philadelphia model/ aspiring rapper met biggie at a 1995 party. Despite a crumbling marriage and an ongoing mentorship/affair with Lil’ Kim, Big reportedly instantly fell for Baltimore. Soon Faith had a few words for Baltimore, dismissing the new girl as the “illy from Philly during a 1996 radio interview. Biggie gave Baltimore a diamond ring on late ’96. True Player for real.