Using What You Got To Get What You Want


For centuries, parents around the world have raised their children to study hard because at one part in society, in order to be successful, you needed to make good grades and obtain degrees from good colleges. Then, sports and entertainment entered the picture, and parents began to breed athletic sports figures and talented musicians. Upholding the minimum GPA became important and being the best on the stage or on the field was preached in many homes. Versus moving to the best neighborhood based on school districts, parents focused on placing their children in areas with the best sports and arts programs to give their children a fighting chance at full rides to division 1 schools and full scholarships to the best drama and dance programs across the US.

Now as parents begin to birth a new generation, we are beginning to experience a new social wave. What’s different in today’s society is the profession of reality TV and the business of being successful for being you. With shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom, E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, VH1’s Basketball Wives and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, society has seemed to lessen the importance of education and the arts and transitioned into the age old adage “use what you got to get what you want.”

Is this the wrong message to send to our kids or is this a sign of the times?

Years ago, models looking to build major brands outside of the modeling world were met with resistance, such as Tyra Banks who used what she had in looks to open doors to create a multi-million dollar enterprise. Now, celebrity parent Kris Jenner is criticized for pushing her children into a career of wealth and fame for doing nothing more than allowing cameras to follow their every move. Should society continue criticizing her methods towards success or begin copying her formula when raising our own kids? With reality stars now building empires in business and leveraging their small screen fame to major roles on the big screen, it’s no denying that success can be found amongst talentless individuals who offer nothing more than a good laugh from their everyday life.

It may be time for society to begin accepting this new career path and embrace many decisions to avoid college and head to LA and NY in hopes of being discovered and cast on the newest reality show.

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