V Exclusive! Bow Wow Says He Only Looks to Snoop Dogg for Advice


Bow Wow’s life maybe an open book for the public but his real story is still something that the rapper feels has yet to be fully told.

“For me, it’s about [my] story being told. That’s what it’s really all about. For people who didn’t know me or thought they knew me,” says Bow Wow. “It’s time for me to let them know who I am.”

He says his seventh solo album, Underrated, will open up listeners to a Bow Wow that they’ve never experienced before. In fact, Bow Wow recalls Snoop Dogg as the only person who truly understands his roots.

“Just imagine if I never ever, ever, ever made it to Jermaine. I would probably be a gang-banging, alchohol drinkin’”…. Man, just out of here,” Bow Wow tells VIBE in reference to his close relationship with the Doggfather. “Those roots are still in me and Dogg know that. [He’s] really the only person that can reach me.”

Watch Bow Wow’s explain it for himself below.

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