V Exclusive! Ice-T ‘Lose Some, Win Some’

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ICE-T Talks about his career lows and highs

- Both my parents died of heart attacks by the time I was 12. I moved from Jersey to live with my aunt in Los Angeles. She was an alcoholic social worker. She’d go home and drink, then wake up and determine who should be in what foster home.

- As a high schooler, I didn’t know how a girl could get pregnant. When [my daughter’s mom] told me she was pregnant, I wanted the baby because I was alone.

- When I was in the street, we caused harm to people, and I can’t take that back. I started getting into jewelry heists and bank robberies. At the time, I thought that’s what I had to do.

- When I went through that “Cop Killer” shit, I was cast out of hip-hop. The Source shitted on me, saying I’d given in to the powers. When the president is coming after you, it’s no longer rap.

- If you’re from the ’hood and become a millionaire, every muthafucka in the projects thinks you owe them money. I’ve had to pull guns on friends trying to extort me. I let them know, “Nigga, you never took nothing from me, and if I see you, I’ll murder you.”

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