V Exclusive! Marcus Manchild Talks Houston Rap Scene, Rappers Stealing Southern Swag, and More


After being officially cosigned by H-Town heavy-weights like Paul Wall, Scarface and Slim Thug, Marcus Manchild knows he has a lot to live up to. Not only is he making noise in Houston, but fans from all around are riding to his music.

Marcus talked to us exclusively about his new track titled “You Ain’t Trill” featuring Scarface and Yo Gotti. He also touched on  growing up in Houston, how he feels about other rappers capitalizing off of the southern style, working with Scarface and Yo Gotti, and more. The H-Town spitta will release his next mixtape, Space Jams 3, on Tuesday, March 13th. –Talim Adderly

Check out the full interview along with Marcus’ new track, “You ain’t Trill, below.

V Premiere! Marcus Manchild feat. Scarface and Yo Gotti “U Ain’t Trill”


VIBE: What were your early days like like in Houston?
Marcus: It was cool, well I actually was born in Austin, TX and then we moved to Houston when I was like one or two. My mom moved down here but the experience has been great. The culture, the people, just growing up and seeing how things work out here is amazing and then it also brought me closer to music. Just having it in you, just slowing it down and then the soul–the smoking, the drinking, the swinging just the whole Houston culture is lovely so I wouldn’t want to be from nowhere else.
Who do you look up to in the H-Town hip-hop scene?
Everybody! Any rap legend that ever came out before me. It goes all the way from Scarface, to the Ghetto Boys, Youngstar, Scarface, Bun B, Pimp C, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, and Paul. Anybody that ever came out and made something for themselves nationally and did something outside of the city.
You recently opened up for 2 Chainz in New York City. At that same show Paul Wall and Slim Thug deemed you as the future of Houston. How does it feel to hear legends vouch for you at such an early stage in your career?
Man to be honest, it’s just a blessing just to have them come say that because these guys I grew up on since I was eight years old, I been listening to both of them and now It’s just crazy because you never thought in a million years that these people that you use to watch on TV and you had every last one of their cd’s would come and say ‘hey man, it’s you.’ And also it’s a lot of pressure too, just because they saying you the future of this and you have to own up to it.
Does it bother you when artists that are not from Houston or the South adopt the Southern swag and capitalize from it? 
It really doesn’t bother me. But if you’re influenced by it, then all the power to you–that’s great. If you’re influenced by it then come down and fuck with us. Come see what the fuck it is about–come see what we’re talking about and actually what this mean that you’re talking about in your songs.
What makes a rapper “trill”? 
It’s really just speaking truth and speaking on how you live, without trying to fabricate. A lot of people try to get on tracks just to impress people and don’t really be themselves. It doesn’t just pertain to rap. It goes for everyday people.
Tell me what it was like working with Scarface and Yo Gotti?
Well Gotti is the brother. He checks up on me from time to time ,and we already did some tracks together and so he heard the track and was like. We was thinking about it like ‘who else can we get on there?’ Cause I already had Gotti in mind and we was like man ‘lets get in touch with Scarface.’ That was really my first time being in the lab with Face and that was a whole different feeling. This is a man that has a song with Tupac. He ended up doing a 26 bar verse, he was in the lab like I’m going in I’m not even going to stop. This record is going to be a classic. 
Who are you rocking out in your iPod right now?
Kendrick Lamar, The homie Rich Hill, Maroon 5, Jimi Hendrix, Slim, Paul Wall, Kirko Bangz, there’s a bunch of people that I’m listening to. Most of the time I’m listening to my own shit.

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