V Exclusive! Slim Talks His Hiatus From Music, New Album, and the Future of 112

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R&B frontman, Slim, also known as the smooth leading vocalist of the ‘90s group 112, started the year off solo with a new mixtape Crusin’ Da City Volume 1.The Atlanta crooner recently caught up with  VIBE to discuss his three-year hiatus, his sophomore effort and the future of 112. –Adelle Platon

What he’s been doing during his time away from the spotlight –   
Slim: I’ve just been enjoying life, sort of taking a break off but I’ve been writing and recording and doing a lot of shows and I was pretty much kicking back and enjoying life because after the success of (my first solo album) Love’s Crazy, they didn’t know I did it independent but it felt like I had major label success. I had six figures worth of albums and “So Fly” went gold or something like that so at that point, it was truly a blessing. But the only thing is that it was very strenuous with me being the CEO (of M3 Records) and the artist and a touring artist at that.

The current state of R&B –
If you would’ve asked me that question four years ago, I think that…aw man, when Love’s Crazy came out, I didn’t have so much of a positive outlook on R&B yet but I must say that I do love the artists that are coming out. What I’ve noticed now is the artists that are really good aren’t necessarily the artists that are mainstream. I’m a fan of the artist that are grassroots, still kinda underground. Like I’m a big fan of Frank Ocean and another person that I know people are probably gonna be wylin, they’re gonna say wow is, but I’m a big fan of the Weeknd.

His upcoming album Cruise Control
I had been doing a lot of stuff, I been travelling, doing shows all around the world. I been writing, working with a lot of people, like my last situation, I was working with Play-N-Skillz and Luda, wrote a record to a Dave Guetta track so I’m crossing my fingers. I heard that Usher did the hook to it. So I’m hoping that the record is accepted and most likely to become a single. I been working really really good. Like I got a chance to work with Jeezy, I mean there’s a whole bunch of people. Like all of us have great working relationships. While I was writing, I established incredible relationships with a lot of artists and a lot of producers. Man, they’re definitely gonna be on the album and I’m hoping that I’m gonna be on their albums.

Playing his own music for the ladies
If I was setting moods, I would never play my own music because I don’t listen to music like how y’all listen to music. *laughs* If I listen to something, I’d be like “Oh my God, why did I hit that note?” I don’t really go back and forth with it. When I listen to music, I don’t really like listening to it to myself because it’s more of like constructive criticism.

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