V Exclusive! Travis Porter Talks About Strap’s Arrest: ‘Guns Are Not The Answer’


Twenty-four hours after Travis Porter member Strap was arrested for carrying a gun at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, the rest of the group stopped by the VIBE offices to shed some light on what really happened.

VIBE: I know you guys can’t really talk about Strap’s legal situation, but what was your initial reaction to hearing that he got arrested.
Travis Porter: We was with him.

Oh, you guys were altogether?
Quez: Yeah, it was just crazy. He made a mistake. He didn’t look in his bag, and he left the studio and went straight to the airport to get on his flight. And you should’ve seen his face. He was like ‘what’s going on?’ They was like ‘Yeah we need him over there.’ And he’s like, ‘man, whats going on?’ I don’t even know what’s going on. He had no idea the joint was in the bag.
Ali: Actually he is on the plane to New York right now. We have a show tomorrow.

Weezy got caught up. T.I. – caught up before. Now that it really hit home for you guys, do you think you have to move more cautiously now?
Yeah. I mean that’s what it is. We gotta move a little careful.  We gotta keep our minds on what’s really important. Guns is not important, you know what I’m sayin. I mean, it’s part of life but it’s not important as in you can’t live or die for it. So that’s all. It’s a learning experience.

I think some of your younger fans may be shocked to even hear that he wase even carrying that.
Quez: Yeah, exactly. True, true. I mean it’s just a learning experience. I mean I haven’t really been in touch with what people are saying, like to get on Twitter and look at what people are

So if there’s one thing that you guys want tell the kids…
Quez: Yeah man, just that guns are not the answer for all y’all listeners. It’s not the answer to any problem but just…yeah that’s what I wanted to say. It’s not the answer to any problem that you have… and stay in school!